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  • Organizations wishing to provide KSTQB and/or ISTQB® certification trainings must pass the KSTQB accreditation process

  • KSTQB verifies that the qualifications of the instructor, training venue, course wear and curriculum etc. are in compliance with each regulation and process, and that they are designed to cover all topics in the syllabus of each module

  • To use the titles, "KSTQB" and/or "ISTQB®", and their logos for trainings and/or training material, one must be accredited as a KSTQB training provider

  • Accreditation expires after 3 years and should be renewed every 3 years. A renewal is mandatory in the cases of reassignment of instructor(s), syllabus version updates, and changes of curriculum and/or training Materials

  • Applicants who have completed an accredited training of the exam topics (modules) they wish to take are more likely to pass the exam